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The Queensway began as a small farming community in the late 1800’s. One of the few reminders of the Queensway’s rural past is the little, white, stucco cottage that sits in an old farmers field at 694 Royal York Road.

In 1912, the urbanization of The Queensway led to the creation of the two-room Queensway Public School. This school was expanded in 1923 and then again in 1948. After a long period of growth, The Queensway experienced a decline in population during the 1960’s which led to the closing of the Queensway Public School in 1969.

The former Queensway School was demolished in the 1990’s to make room for the giant Price Club retail complex south of The Queensway at Taymall Avenue. Ironically, the Price Club, like the school before it has become a landmark in The Queensway and has helped to revitalize this neighbourhood.


The Queensway is an affordable west end neighbourhood that offers convenient access to downtown Toronto and numerous recreational opportunities at the nearby South Humber Parklands.

Up until recently The Queensway had a relatively low-profile earning its celebrity status, with many television, movie and commercial productions having taken place in the residential pocket around Queensway Park.

But now The Queensway neighbourhood is poised for great things with the announcement of the recently formed Queensway Business Improvement Area which is launching its first major celebration on September 29th, 2012. Also the Queensway and Queensland neighbourhood parks will receive funding for improvements which will engage more residents in local activities and foster an even greater sense of neighbourhood pride


The Queensway is a shopping lover’s delight. This retail district is anchored by the Kipling Queensway Mall which features Don Cherry’s Sports Grill. Don Cherry is said to check in regularly at this sports emporium to personally sample the food and chat with the patrons and staff. The Kipling Queensway Mall is also known for its large department store and supermarket.

The largest retailer on The Queensway is the Price Club, located off Queensway Road. This big box retailer is extremely popular and attracts a local as well as a regional clientele.


The oldest houses in The Queensway neighbourhood include a handful of former market-garden cottages and pre-subdivision houses located in the north-east pocket of this neighbourhood near the Mimico Creek and Woodford Park.

The majority of the houses in The Queensway are two bedroom brick bungalows and storey-and-a-half houses built in the 1940’s and 1950’s. These houses are situated on good size lots with private driveways and garages.

The quaint looking frame houses located around Queensway Park, were originally built as War Veterans housing during the 1940’s. These houses have provided the backdrop for television and movie productions as well as commercials.

In the area east of Royal York Road and south of The Queensway there is a multitude of multiplex rental properties and a fairly new townhouse development.


Queensway residents can access South Humber Park, north of The Queensway at Stephen Drive. This park features a mix of open spaces and wooded areas that overlook the Humber Marshes. This park also provides a link with the Martin Goodman Trail which spans Toronto’s waterfront and is enjoyed by walkers, joggers, cyclists and in-line skaters.

Queensway Park, located off Avon Park Drive just north of The Queensway has a field-of-dreams baseball diamond, two tennis courts and a children’s playground. Woodford Park is situated next to the Mimico Creek and includes a baseball diamond, a children’s playground and two tennis courts.


Queensway motorists can travel to downtown Toronto’s financial and entertainment districts in approximately ten minutes via the Gardiner Expressway. For commuters heading west of the city the Queen Elizabeth Way can be immediately accessed off Islington Avenue.
Bus service on Royal York Road and on Islington Avenue connect passengers to stations on the Bloor-Danforth subway line. The Islington station also provides an express bus service to the airport and a connection to the Mississauga Transit service.